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Listed below are just some of the unique innovative products that are exclusive to Print-it. We have literally produced every type of print requirement that one can list, using all manner of materials from a full range of plastics and polypropylene weights, to paper and board, metals and aluminium, acrylics and glass, vinyl's and wood, including laminates and finishes as extra workings. We can supply some case studies if needed and would welcome even the most unusual of enquiries as we generally provide a solution using one suitable substrate or another.

Flat Pens
Whoopee Cushions
Smart Phone Trumpets

We were recently approached by a Fuel company to design and produce a fuel presentation holder , that was inflammable, lightweight yet strong enough to survive transportation , durable, easily assembled and wipe clean. We exhausted several materials , experimenting and straining them to their limits until we had satisfied all of the tick boxes. A solution was found, the package was designed, printed and manufactured and we are now pleased to say in regular output throughout the UK.

Another recent achievement was the design of "Microwave Meal" dividers that had to survive high temperatures, be robust yet flexible, designed to fit accurately within a pre-moulded curved pot to stop seepage/leakage, be non edible and satisfy all of the stringent food hygiene laws. After much research involving material investigation, product prototyping, factory visits, lab tests, pot filling and emptying, clean rooms, hair nets and men in white suits with white wellies, we succeeded.

Initial order of 40,000 units were processed, approved and went into the food manufacturing process successfully and are now within High street stores up and down the country. This gives us an immense sense of pride and satisfaction, particularly in the fact that we achieved the customers goal for them.

We can research, design, print and shape for you to create all types of products or packaging. Please contact Neil our in house specialist to discuss any requirements that you may have and he will have a friendly chat to progress matters for you. We have recently produced bookmarks, smart phone trumpets, flat pens, seed packets, printed tea bags, credit cards, spiral hats, hand held flags, light up pens, rubber pencil cases, Eflip books, Apps, websites, recycled pencils, plastic Book jackets, product cards, fridge magnets, bespoke USB sticks, wooden engraved biros, Plastic Autobiography covers for Terry Wogans book, polypropylene drivers folders, Oyster card wallets, Tax disc holders, flatter items to able to post through royal mail constraints, reusable stickers, wash kits, sweets packets, hampers, scratch off codes, rubber stamps, banner with a tv , sky tv props, whoopee cushions, and much, much more.

For a few unusual ideas visit our buttons below on this page, or for a more bespoke product quotation please call 01449 721372 or email our specialists on to discuss all of your requirements.

The solutions can always be found for you.


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